How do we change
without losing what we love?

Redefined Explained

The world is changing, requiring new capabilities likes higher fuel economy in today’s new vehicles. We don’t believe these kinds of benefits should come at a large cost like reduced cargo space or an expensive price tag. NanoSteel allows automakers to reduce vehicle weight to improve fuel economy while preserving everything we love about the look, feel, and smell of your car.

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Meet Bob Lutz

Over his 47-year career, Bob Lutz has established himself as a leading visionary in the global automotive industry. During Bob’s executive tenures including leadership roles at four of the world’s largest automakers, Bob’s uncanny instincts on product design, dynamic business acumen, and unwavering passion for the industry, have produced some of the most recognized and innovative vehicles on the road today. After “retiring” as vice chairman of global product development at GM, Bob is busy running VLF Motors and Lutz Communications, writing bestselling books, acting as an industry analyst for CNBC, and serving on a number of boards from non-profits to automotive technology start-ups including NanoSteel.

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